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Garmin Acquires JL Audio: A Perfect Harmonization of Sound and Technology

Garmin Acquires JL Audio: A Perfect Harmonization of Sound and Technology

In a significant move that has sent ripples through the audio and technology industries, Garmin Ltd. (NYSE: GRMN) has officially announced its successful acquisition of JL Audio. This strategic acquisition marks a pivotal moment in the history of both companies, promising to redefine the audio experience for consumers across various domains, including marine, automotive, powersports, home, and RV.

Garmin's Vision:

Garmin, a global leader in technology and innovation, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to enhancing people's lives by providing cutting-edge solutions. Known for revolutionizing markets such as aviation, automotive, fitness, marine, and outdoor, Garmin's mission is to empower individuals to make the most of their passions. With this acquisition, the company sets its sights on elevating the audio experience for its customers.

JL Audio: A Premium Audio Solution Provider:

JL Audio, a privately-held U.S. company, has built a stellar reputation for designing and manufacturing premium audio solutions. Their product portfolio includes high-quality speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and other audio components that cater to the needs of marine, aftermarket automotive, powersports, home, and RV enthusiasts. The brand's commitment to delivering superior audio quality has earned it a loyal customer base and industry acclaim.

Continuity and Integration:

JL Audio will continue its operations at its current headquarters in Miramar, Florida, as well as its facilities in Portland, Oregon, and Phoenix, Arizona. This move ensures the preservation of the brand's legacy and values. Moreover, JL Audio's products will be seamlessly integrated into Garmin's marine segment, promising to deliver an unparalleled audio experience for marine enthusiasts.

Global Synergy:

With this acquisition, more than 600 talented associates from JL Audio will join the global Garmin team. This infusion of talent and expertise will foster innovation and further strengthen Garmin's position as a leader in the audio technology domain.

Retained Brand Identity:

One key aspect of this acquisition is the retention of the JL Audio brand name. This decision underscores Garmin's commitment to preserving the brand's identity, including its dedication to delivering premium audio solutions.

While the financial terms of the transaction remain undisclosed, the strategic significance of this merger cannot be overstated. It represents a convergence of technology and audio excellence, poised to enhance the lives of consumers worldwide.


As Garmin and JL Audio embark on this new chapter together, the stage is set for an exciting journey of innovation and transformation in the audio industry. With Garmin's technological prowess and JL Audio's audio expertise, the future holds the promise of unparalleled audio experiences across various sectors. Together, they aim to inspire individuals to make the most of every moment and "beat yesterday."

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