I still can’t believe it. I just walked the length of New Zealand. With a crew of three other thru-hikers and two cameramen, we had all odds stacked up against us. It’s uncommon, and borderline absurd, to attempt a five-month thru-hike with a large group from start to end. We felt the struggles on a daily basis. Some days it took hours to make decisions. I embraced the role of guiding our crazy expedition, making most of the calls pertaining to weather, distance, and safety. Somewhere along the way of leading our squad, I changed internally. It’s hard to explain, but my perspective shifted. I began to walk the Te Araroa with eyes and mind wide open, and in return the trail unveiled unimaginable experiences. While it’s difficult to put a finger on these intangible changes, I was able to witness physical changes with the help of my Fenix 3.

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