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We're pleased to announce the Garmin babyCam, the first in-vehicle video monitor that functions wirelessly with a compatible Garmin GPS navigator.1 Aimed at facilitating driver safety, babyCam conveniently transmits video2 to the GPS navigator display. This allows parents or caregivers the benefit of daily route guidance while babyCam monitors their children in the back seat of a vehicle. Thanks to its night vision, babyCam also lets drivers view little passengers at night or in low-light conditions without disturbance. The Garmin babyCam is being announced in conjunction with the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas on Oct. 18, and will be showcased for the first time in booth #3134.Read More
Oct 15, 2015 5:55:00 PM By Garmin Pakistan Garmin, Delivers, babyCam, Pakistan, 0 Comments Automotive Blog,

Garmin is proud to announce the new Dash Cam 30 and Dash Cam 35. Representing the next generation of the Garmin Dash Cam™, these two high-definition standalone driving recorders easily mount to a windshield and record footage in a continuous loop. Garmin Dash Cam starts recording when the vehicle is turned on and stops when it is turned off1, serving as a driver’s true eyewitness on the road. The Incident Detection (G-sensor) automatically saves video footage on impact. New driver alerts2 allow Dash Cam to not only record the drive ahead, but also offer helpful alerts that encourage safer driving behavior for customersRead More
Sep 2, 2015 5:45:00 PM By Garmin Pakistan Garmin, Driver, Alerts, Dash, Cam, Family, 0 Comments Automotive Blog,

We're excited to today announce the Edge Explore 1000, an easy-to-use GPS bike computer with cycling-specific maps and points of interest. Ideal for touring and adventure, the Edge Explore 1000 features preloaded Garmin Cycle Map with routable road and bike paths, elevation data, points of interest and address search. Users can discover new routes with its ability to create courses on device by inputting a distance and starting direction and choosing from up to three cycling-friendly courses. Helping create a safer riding environment, Edge Explore 1000 is the first Garmin device to offer incident detection1 capabilities and is compatible with the Varia™ line of smart cycling devices.Read More
Aug 25, 2015 7:23:00 AM By Garmin Pakistan Garmin, edge 1000, GPS, 0 Comments Outdoor Blog,
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