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Garmin is proud to announce the new Dash Cam 30 and Dash Cam 35. Representing the next generation of the Garmin Dash Cam™, these two high-definition standalone driving recorders easily mount to a windshield and record footage in a continuous loop. Garmin Dash Cam starts recording when the vehicle is turned on and stops when it is turned off1, serving as a driver’s true eyewitness on the road. The Incident Detection (G-sensor) automatically saves video footage on impact. New driver alerts2 allow Dash Cam to not only record the drive ahead, but also offer helpful alerts that encourage safer driving behavior for customersRead More
Sep 2, 2015 5:45:00 PM By Garmin Pakistan Garmin, Driver, Alerts, Dash, Cam, Family, 0 Comments Automotive Blog,
Garmin is proud to announce the expansion of a partnership with Honda Motors that brings Garmin and its award-winning navigation into multiple Honda infotainment systems over the next four years. The latest vehicle platform to launch with Garmin and its navigation solution is the all-new Honda Pilot.Read More
Aug 17, 2015 4:55:00 PM By Garmin Pakistan Dash, Navigation, Honda, 0 Comments Automotive Blog,
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