We’ve all been there – flying along, trying to remember the identifier for that airport nearby with the really good hamburger. You’re positive about three of the four characters in the airport identifier, but that last letter or number seems to be just out of the mind’s reach. Fortunately, our GTN 650/750 touchscreen series has a feature that can help.

The FastFind feature is included in all of our GTN series GPS/NAV/Comm products, which not only makes the flight planning process faster and easier, but can also help in locating that hard-to-recall airport just on the horizon.FastFind incorporates predictive logic to suggest airports and waypoints using current GPS location and automatically begins searching for the nearest identifier while the airport or waypoint is being entered within the flight plan.

To utilize FastFind:

  1. Select the ‘Flight Plan’ icon from the main menu
  2. Select ‘Add Waypoint’ in the Active Flight Plan screen
  3. Begin entering an airport or waypoint identifier, and monitor the ‘FastFind’
  4. Select the identifier under the ‘FastFind’ when desired location appears