Still waiting for that simple, cost-effective way to meet the minimum ADS-B “Out” requirements? Good news – your Garmin solution just got even better. Now through December 29, 2017, take advantage of our GTX 335 ADS-B “Out” transponder with built-in WAAS GPS

GTX 335 ADS-B Transponder

A number of pilots already take advantage of ADS-B “In” traffic and weather data through portable receivers like our GDL 39 3D or the Stratus by Appareo. With traffic and weather already checked off the list, many feel it’s not necessary to spend extra money on a solution that features both “In” and “Out” capabilities – this is where GTX 335 fits in the mix. Our GTX 335 is a Mode S Extended Squitter transponder with 1090 MHz output – allowing operation at any altitude – and features an optional built-in WAAS GPS position source required to meet NextGen airspace standards.

The GTX 335 also boasts a common footprint – 1.65-inches tall by 6.625-inches wide – simplifying the installation process and reducing costs. Plus, the promotional kit also includes a GA 35 external WAAS GPS antenna allowing integration into a wide range of aircraft, and can be purchased directly from an authorized Garmin dealer, installed by an A&P mechanic, and tested by a Part 145 repair station.