When we are out on the water cruising, fishing for a trophy, or entertaining, nothing is more important than the safety of all parties involved. A close second in priority is the safety and protection of one’s boat. In 2017, Garmin has taken the steps to improve on-the-water safety for boaters and their vessels. Whether it’s FrontVü forward-looking live sonar to help boaters avoid running aground, awareness of moving objects around you, or up-to-date weather information, Garmin is committed to offering a wide range of products with protection in mind.

Avoid Running Aground with Premium FrontVü Forward-looking Sonar

Recently announced and available is the new Garmin Panoptix PS51-TH transducer designed with a safety first mindset. The Panoptix PS51-TH multibeam thru-hull transducer with premium FrontVü forward-looking sonar helps you avoid running aground by displaying the bottom up to 300 feet ahead of your boat in real time on your chartplotter. It also includes LiveVü Forward sonar to give you the unique ability to see fish — even divers — swimming in real time under and ahead of your boat with a 100-foot forward range.



 Avoid Collisions with Garmin Fantom Dome Radars featuring MotionScope Technology

The newest additions to the Garmin radar family are our GMR Fantom 18- and 24-inch dome radars with MotionScope technology. Fantom radars use the Doppler effect to detect and highlight moving targets to help you avoid potential collisions. The Doppler effect is the frequency shift in the radar echo due to the relative motion of the target. This allows for instant detection of any targets moving toward or away from the radar. MotionScope highlights the moving targets in different colors on the radar display so you can navigate around other boats or severe weather, or toward fishing spots where birds are feeding at the surface.

Learn more about our entire lineup of Fantom radars.



Always stay in front of the weather

Also recently announced and available soon is the GXM 53, our best integrated weather receiver and antenna. The GXM 53 SiriusXM weather antenna lets you enjoy added confidence and peace of mind on the water by always having access to the most current weather conditions and forecasts. This easy-to-install and easy-to-use integrated weather receiver and antenna connects to the Garmin Marine Network to deliver highly detailed weather information directly to your compatible Garmin chartplotter.

GXM 53 also recalls valid weather forecasts after a power cycle. Excellent antenna signal performance ensures you will maintain the best possible reception, even when on the fringes of SiriusXM weather coverage. Ethernet connection provides high bandwidth data transfer and power over a single cable. Best of all, it provides an easy upgrade from the GXM 52 weather antenna since it uses the same mount.

We feel that with our newest line of recently announced products, we are taking the next step in helping you protect both yourself and your boat in 2017.