In November 2017, Garmin introduced Professional Flex plans – a new inReach satellite subscription option designed for teams, organizations and businesses. Professional inReach subscription plans offer additional features that are not available to inReach users with personal monthly Freedom plans or Annual contract plans.

Previously, the only subscription option for professional inReach users was a set of byte-based monthly plans. Professional Flex subscription plans were created to make selecting a plan and managing your usage each month easier. Similar to Freedom plans, Professional Flex plans allow your organization to pay for inReach satellite service only when needed, and you can move up or down a plan for free at any time.

There are four levels of Professional Flex plans that meet the operational needs of your teams or organization.

  • Basic plan – Gives users 20 custom text messages, along with access to pay for track points and other features as needed
  • Advanced plan – Gives users 40 custom text messages and unlimited track points
  • Unlimited plan – Includes unlimited custom text messages, as well as unlimited track points
  • Unlimited+ plan – Provides unlimited messaging in addition to faster (2-minute) tracking intervals

See full plan details and pricing here.

Why Should I Switch to a Professional Plan?

If you’re part of a business or organization that is currently using personal monthly Freedom or Annual contract plans and trying to manage more than one device, switching to a Professional Flex plan will make device administration easier and open the door to features that improve your inReach experience.

Professional Flex plans are available to businesses and organizations of any size. Whether you’re a team or a small business with a handful of devices or an enterprise-level organization with hundreds of units to manage, inReach is a complete remote communications and asset tracking solution that will help your teams and remote workers stay connected in the field.


Key Professional Flex Plan Features:

  • All Flex plans are month-to-month and only require a 30-day commitment
  • Options to pay by credit card or net-30 invoicing terms
  • Centralized billing to one account
  • Suspend service in the off-season or when staff is not deployed in the field
  • Move up or down a plan for free when your tracking or communications needs change
  • A professional management website to administer multiple devices, control device settings and configure group profiles
  • Track users or assets via the professional management website’s map page and adjust tracking intervals to suit your organization’s needs
  • Easily switch between communicating with teams or individual inReach users in the field from the professional management website’s map page
  • Advanced inbound/outbound API provides access to messaging and tracking data to integrate with a custom web platform or software solution