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Flight Stream and the Connected Cockpit

Sep 16, 2016 3:23:04 PM By Garmin Pakistan Flight Stream, Comments

Wireless connectivity is at the forefront of technology everywhere we look. Today, it seems like smartphones and tablets can wirelessly connect with just about anything – computers, televisions, cars – if it’s electronic, there’s a good chance it can connect. If you can have wireless connectivity in your home or your car, why can’t you have it in your airplane? With our Flight Stream series of flight connectivity solutions you can, and you can enjoy simplified and streamlined cockpit management within our Connext ecosystem.

What is Flight Stream?

Flight Stream is a part of the Connext portfolio of wireless connectivity solutions that allows your personal mobile devices or portables to communicate with each other. Currently there are three options: Flight Stream 110, Flight Stream 210 and the brand new Flight Stream 510. The genesis of Flight Stream began with the 110 and 210. Both are hard-mounted solutions that can connect via Bluetooth to up to two compatible tablets or smartphones operatingGarmin Pilot or ForeFlight Mobile and select portables, including the aera 660 and aera 795/796. Once connected, GPS information can be displayed on mobile devices plus traffic and weather if connected to a GTX 345 all-in-one ADS-B transponder, GDL 84/GDL 88 ADS-B datalink or GDL 69 SiriusXM datalink. The Flight Stream 210 adds two-way flight plan transfer – sending flight plan information from a tablet/smartphone to the connected GTN 750/650series or GNS 430W/530W series navigators and vice versa – plus AHRS attitude information and optional Connext voice and text control is also available.

Flight Stream 110/210

The Latest and Greatest – Flight Stream 510

At EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016 we unveiled the latest generation in the Flight Stream family, the Flight Stream 510. The obvious change is its appearance – Flight Stream 510 is simply a MultiMediaCard (see below) that fits into the existing SD card slot of the GTN 650/750 series navigator and doesn’t require any wiring changes or complex installation considerations. Building on the popularity of the Flight Stream 110/210, the patent pending 510 is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, and can be connected to up to two compatible Apple or Android devices operating Garmin Pilot, as well as aera 660 and aera 795/796 portables. The 510 can do everything the 210 can plus more: weather, traffic, two-way flight plan transfer and for customers with a GSR 56 Iridium datalink, Connext voice and text control via their mobile devices and more. One of the 510’s unique features we’re most excited about is Database Concierge. This tool allows you to download databases at home within the Garmin Pilot app, store them to your mobile device, and then transfer them to your GTN 650/750 once a wireless connection is established. Keeping your GTN series databases up-to-date has never been easier!

Flight Stream 510

It’s time to bring the wireless technological revolution to your cockpit. Start enjoying greater flexibility and ease of management in the cockpit with our Flight Stream series of Connext products. Visit your local Garmin authorized dealer to find out which Flight Stream product is right for you....!!!!



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