People ask me all the time what the best way to get into shape for their bucket list hunt is. The truth is, it’s whatever works best for you, but here are a few things to consider.

A few months prior to the season starting, just get outside. Run, walk, and hike with a pack. The biggest thing is to just get out and do something. My goal, no matter if I’m running 20 miles a day or lifting weights, is to work up a sweat every day.

Just tell yourself; “I’m going to do something to work up a sweat today.” It’s pretty simple, but it pays off. If everybody had thatattitude, they’d be prepared come bow season.

Once you get to the point when you’re in shape, stay in shape. From then on out, you won’t have to get ready for the season. You’ll stay ready.

And when that ultimate hunt comes, you’ll be physically able to give 100%.