Any smartwatch can keep you connected to your emails when you’re at the office, but the multisport fenix 3 also connects you to your family – whether you’re hiking, biking or camping together. With its rugged exterior and trail-tested features, the fēnix 3 includes a selection of built-in tools, including a compass and GPS. You can add apps and widgets via the Connect IQ™ Store to help you make the most of any family outing.

Lead the Way
Whether you’re taking your family for a leisurely stroll through the woods or an adrenaline-filled bike ride up the mountain, you’ll want to keep everyone safe by knowing exactly where you are. With the fenix3’s built in GPS and “bread crumb” trail creator, you’ll have a guide back to your car or campsite right on your wrist. Add the PositionPluswidget to see exact details, including your latitude, longitude, altitude, heading and speed. When you make it to the top of the mountain or to a scenic grove, use the Camera Remote app in conjunction with your smartphone to capture the moment via photo or video – without having to leave the picture to snap the shot.

Plan Ahead
The fēnix®3 can also help plan your next adventure. Add the dwMap app to use your watch as a live map, complete with a custom trail to follow. Install the app and create map paths on your computer or mobile device, then sync them to your watch. The fenix 3 doesn’t need an Internet connection to display the map, so you can guide everyone out into nature without worrying about losing track of your location.

Forecast the Skies
Nothing can put the brakes on a day outdoors like a sudden rainstorm. Rather than sitting in your car wondering when the skies will clear, use the AccuWeather MinuteCast app to get a quick forecast for your exact location. Check the Sunrise/Sunset widget to see how much daylight you have left if it looks like your plans will be delayed.

Overnight It
While you’re camping out in the wilderness – or even in your own backyard – the fēnix®3 offers 50 hours of battery life to outlast the night. Use the Flashlight app to turn your watch face bright-white as you dig around and locate items in the tent. Add the SkyWatch app, and your watch will help you point out the planets and stars to your kids. Pick one of the planets or constellations on your watch, and use the arrow guides to turn and face the correct direction. Look up at the sky when you have the icon on your watch lined up in the center of the screen, and you’ll see the selected celestial body right in front of you.